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Used in its most precise meaning, instructional analysis is the process of understanding the various factors that can be manipulated in order to achieve specific and pre-determined outcomes for a specific group of learners. This usage assumes that instruction (training) is the solution to the business problem, and it assumes that the learners and outcomes have already been defined.

Not everyone, however, uses this precise definition. Often, managers and practitioners use the term “instructional analysis” to mean other things:

  • Assessment of a business problem or opportunity (What is the problem? How important is it? What happens if we ignore the problem?)
  • Cause analysis of a business problem (What caused the problem? What does it affect? How much does the problem cost? Who is responsible for fixing it? What will fix the problem? Is the “fix” worth the investment?)
  • Are the underlying issues ones of ineffective business processes, poor business management, or insufficient employee capability?

ID.E.A.S That Work, LLC is skilled in analyzing business effectiveness and in conducting detailed performance analyses and assessments. Specifically, we can provide the following components of the analysis process:

  • Organizational / business effectiveness analysis
  • Curriculum analysis
  • Training audits
  • Training or performance needs analysis
  • Job and/or task analysis
From Instructional Design intro paragraph: Note that definition of the learner and the objectives are the key outputs of the analysis / assessment process, and are assumed to be “givens” for the instructional design process. It is the analysis process (or assessment process) that defines these elements.

What Is the Difference between Analysis and Assessment?


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