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Solving problems - making an impact - is what successful human resource development (HRD) is all about. That means having quick access to the resources and skills each particular situation requires. An in-house staff, no matter how good, cannot always meet that challenge.

When your organization is faced with a unique training situation, outsource support is a smart solution. You receive exactly what you want, when you need it. And with a guarantee of satisfaction, it's a smart way to manage risk.

With twenty years experience as a training professional, I have a clear understanding of corporate training and human resource development, and of their roles in improving the performance of today's businesses.

Kathy Dye
Professional Services Offered:

Kathy L. Dye, Director
ID.E.A.S That Work, LLC

Instructional Design
• Design custom courses and/or curricula
• Develop courses / materials across all media
• Customize off-the-shelf courses

• Training audits
• Training or performance needs analysis
• Job and/or task analysis
• Curriculum analysis
• Organizational analysis
• Evaluation strategies
• Measurement strategies and processes
• Formative evaluation of materials
• Skills assessments and evaluation
• Certification testing
• Transfer evaluation
• Valid, reliable instruments
• Develop integrated curricula from isolated courses
• Write training strategies and funding proposals
• Develop implementation plans
• Integrate training activities with business    processes and goals
• Facilitate strategic planning
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