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Course Description
MGT 610, Introduction to Graduate Professional Education, is intended to equip each MBA student with the skills s/he will need to successfully complete the Thomas More MBA program. These core skills include:

  • Individual and group writing skills.
  • Individual and group presentation skills.
  • Research and library skills.
  • Team skills.
  • Individual and group study skills and synthesis skills.

The Thomas More faculty expects that each student will enter the MBA program with certain academic qualifications. We also expect that each student will make a strong commitment to investing adequate time and reasonable flexibility to individual and group study. MGT 610 introduces all students to the specific requirements of the program and gradually helps all students develop the skills they will need to succeed in our accelerated MBA program.

The primary focus of this course is setting expectations for the MBA program and shaping core skills.

Course Topics

  • Reflection on how the Thomas More MBA fits into the student’s individual goals.
  • Overview of the Thomas More MBA program.
  • Purpose, structure, role, and requirements of Study Groups.
  • Team dynamics.
  • Faculty standards for MBA presentations.
  • Faculty standards for MBA papers / reports.
  • Requirements for APA citations and publication.
  • Basic research skills.
  • Using the library and on-line resources for MBA-level research.
  • Introduction to the Class Continuing Case and industry.
Course Materials
  • Business Leadership: A Jossey-Bass Reader. (2003). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
  • Kayser, Thomas A. (1994) Building Team Power: How to Unleash Collaborative Genius of Work Teams. New York: Irwin.
  • American Psychological Association (2001). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 5th ed. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Evaluation of Student Work
Grades for MGT610 will be based on six assignments, as listed below. A written assignment sheet will be distributed for each assignment (except participation). Participation grades will be based on the instructor’s perception of the level of preparation, involvement and contribution of each student.

Business Leadership paper
Group (Moderated)
Brand Identity presentation
Team Charter paper
Annotated Bibliography
Industry Overview

These assignments are a mix of individual and group work. This course has a heavy emphasis on group work. An individual’s portion of the group grade will be moderated by peer evaluations from study group members. Study Group Evaluation Forms will be distributed and explained in class.

There are no formal exams for this course.


Assistant Professor Kathy Dye • Thomas More College • 333 Thomas More Parkway • Crestview Hills, Ky 41017